God crushes His enemies
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"Blessed be the Lord, who daily carries our burdens. The God of our Salvation! Our God is the God of salvation, and God the Lord can deliver us from death. But God will crush the head of His enemies, the scalp of those who live in sin." (Psalm 68:19-21) AMEN!   

We need to be clear about the two sides of God's nature. These are not contradictory, but complementary! God does not have a split personality which changes whimsically. But God's nature does have two sides, each of which is necessary to the other and consistent with the other.

Apostle Paul expressed this very simply, when he said,"Consider the goodness and severity of God" (Romans 11:22). The goodness of God is His love! However, the severity of God is His wrath! God is LOVE, but also CONSUMING FIRE!

Many christians have created their own god, who is only LOVE! That god is not the God of the Bible! Yes, God is love, but as He has a good side, He also has a fierce side! The love of God is a righteous love, and the anger of God is a righteous anger. There is no more evil in God's wrath than there is in His love! His nature is perfect and just!

It is God that sets His people free and crushes His enemies. Salvation is freedom from sin and death! Those who refuse to turn to God will be crushed by sin and death. They will be trapped by the sin they loved and destroyed by the death they feared. How much better it will be for those who love God and fear the consequences of sin. May the Lord help us love Him with all of our heart and live in fear of Him and the serious consequences of sin. Amen!

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